Implants, Crowns & Bridges

At BB Dental Cairns Dentist, we can assist you with a range of restorative options for damaged teeth. Restorative work may be necessary for patients with a damaged, chipped or broken tooth. Our clinic works with Australian laboratories to create dental implants, crowns and bridges to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Simply call our clinic to make an appointment and we will assess your needs and recommend the best form of treatment.


A missing tooth can lead to the drifting and tilting of adjacent teeth and over-eruptions of the opposing tooth, which causes major disruption to the bite.

Loss of a tooth can result in difficulty eating and embarrassment. A dental implant is one method for replacing a missing tooth. A single tooth implant involves inserting a titanium implant (screw) to act as an artificial root to replace the natural tooth that was lost. This provides the foundation for a crown to be placed on top. The completed implant offers very good aesthetic results, feels like a natural tooth and offers improved function and quality of life. No drilling of the neighbouring teeth is involved, unlike in the preparation of a bridge.

Dental implants can also aid in replacing multiple missing teeth when used in combination with a bridge, partial denture or full denture. Assessment of each individual case leads to the selection of the ideal option, as there are a wide range of implant restorative options.


What is a dental crown?

Decay, trauma, large fillings, root canal treatments and cracks can weaken a tooth. In certain cases, your dentist may recommend a crown. A crown is usually made of porcelain and/or metal and fits over the natural crown of a tooth (part of the tooth above the gums). Crowns are used for both front and back teeth and aim to:

  • Strengthen and hold the tooth together
  • Improve cosmetic appearance
  • Improve functionality/eating ability
  • Improve the long-term prognosis for retaining a broken tooth
  • Stabilise and protect a cracked tooth

What is involved in the preparation of a crown?

If the tooth is fractured or has an old filling, it may need to be replaced. The height and sides of the tooth are then reduced in a precise manner, so the crown has room to fit over the top. An impression is taken of the prepared tooth and sent to the local dental technician (we only use Australian laboratories). A temporary crown will be made for use until the final crown is completed. The crown is then cemented in place.


A bridge may replace one or more missing teeth; it is fixed in place and feels very natural. Fitting a bridge involves using an artificial porcelain tooth attached to the natural teeth on either side of the space. Using a bridge to replace a missing tooth can improve aesthetics and chewing function, as well as prevent the teeth surrounding the space from moving.

To create a bridge, we use a similar process to that used when fabricating a crown. Your BB Dental dentist will take an impression and send it to the dental laboratory for fabrication. Once it is completed, we will cement it to your teeth.

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