Minor Oral Surgery & Dentures

Minor Oral Surgery

The majority of tooth extractions are straight forward, but there are situations such as severely weakened teeth and impacted wisdom teeth that may require surgical removal. Use of state of the art low exposure radiograph aids in diagnosis. In these situations, some patients prefer to supplement local anaesthetic with the relaxing effects of nitrous oxide sedation.

Most people will require removal of their wisdom teeth. The ideal time to remove them is prior to the wisdom teeth completing root formation (i.e. the teenage years). If the roots are not fully-formed the extraction is much easier, healing far quicker and reducing the risk of complications (such as damage to the nerves).

Wisdom teeth assessment with x-rays is advisable for mid to late teenagers. There are a range of options for extraction which need to be carefully assessed. In some cases it is advisable to have wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia or by a specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. BB Dental Cairns Dentist can arrange these referrals if required.

Post-operative instructions following an extraction:

  • It is quite normal to have a little blood in your saliva in the first few hours following surgery. Apply a firm consistant pressure to the gauze pack for 1/2 hour following extraction, and repeat (if required) until bleeding stops.
  • If you are concerned there is excessive bleeding that has not been controlled by applying pressure on the gauze packs provided, please contact the surgery or after hours, Cairns Base Hospital Emergency Department (07) 4226 000 or triple zero 000.
  • You should have nothing to eat or drink for the first two (2) hours following surgery to allow formation of a secure blood clot.
  • Avoid rinsing of your mouth that day.
  • On the day following surgery, you should gently rinse your mouth with warm salty water every three hours during the day for three minutesover three days or until pain or swelling subside.
  • Avoid excessive hot and cold foods for the next couple of days.
  • It is important to rest for the remainder of the day. If you lie down, keep your head elevated with a couple of pillows. If you require a certificate for the time away from work or school, please ask us.
  • Use ice packs as frequently as possible in the first 24-hours to help minimise swelling and bruising.
  • If you have been given a prescription for antibiotics and pain relief, it is important that you take them as directed. If you have any queries about the medication, ask your pharmacist.
  • Even if you have not been prescribed pain relief, it is recommended that you take some (e.g. overthe-counter paracetamol) before the local anaesthetic wears off and again before bed.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking adversely affects healing. You will also need to avoid alcohol for at least 72 hours.


Dentures are one option for replacing missing teeth. Full dentures replace ALL the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth and are held in by clasps which engage the remaining natural teeth. This style of denture can have an acrylic (plastic) or chrome (metal) base. The use of implants or precision attachments can hugely improve stability of dentures in suitable cases.

Our practice offers the fabrication of partial dentures, complete dentures and implant dentures. We can also arrange same-day denture repairs by working in conjunction with our local dental technicians.

In addition to full and partial dentures, we can also arrange precision attachments, implant support, snore guards and occlusal splints. We also custom-fit mouthguards for protection during sporting activities.

If you require denture repairs, please phone our Cairns dental clinic to arrange an appointment today.

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