Preventive Care

Regular dental check-ups are essential for maintaining good oral health. At BB Dental Cairns Dentist, we encourage patients to visit us on a regular basis, so that we can provide the best preventive dental care possible.

Our clinic is a preferred dentist for HCF and BUPA health care fund members; we also provide preventive care services through the Department of Veterans' Affairs. For our younger patients, bulk-billing appointments are available through the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.

To make an appointment with our Cairns dentists, please contact our clinic Monday to Friday.

Preventive Care

At BB Dental Cairns Dentist, we are committed to preventing dental problems. Where possible, our clinic promotes active dental care in our patients. Regular check-ups can detect weak spots or problem areas, which can be repaired with minor treatments.

Our Cairns dental hygienist offers comprehensive oral health care services. During a general check-up, we may conduct periodontal assessments, oral cancer checks or digital radiography to gain a better picture of your overall oral health. While you are here, we will also perform a scale and clean. BB Dental Cairns Dentist recommends regular check-ups every 6 to 12 months.

Did you know, the decay process begins with plaque which is the sticky layer of harmful bacteria that constantly forms on our teeth? The bacteria uses sugars and other carbohydrates found in most foods and drinks to produce damaging acids. Every time teeth are exposed to sugar; acids can attack the tooth enamel for up to 40 minutes. Try and rinse your mouth with water after eating.
A worthwhile tip: if you can handle the taste, dissolve half a teaspoon of bi-carb soda in half a cup of water. (If you find the taste too confronting add less bi-carb and it will still be effective) You can rinse with this daily as it can help reduce sensitivity and the rate of decay.


Anyone who participates in a contact sport should wear a custom-fitted mouthguard. Custom guards offer superior fit, comfort and protection compared to over-the-counter mouthgurards. Custom-fitted mouthguards are proven to prevent dental and facial injuries such as broken teeth, having teeth knocked out, split lips, split cheeks and gum damage.

To create a custom-fitted mouthguard, our Cairns dentists take an impression of both the upper and lower teeth. There are a multitude of different colours and patterns to choose from. You can even mix a few together to represent your team's colours! The moulds of your teeth are then sent to a local dental technician for the completion of the mouthguard; the final product will then be fitted in 3 - 4 days.

Call BB Dental Cairns Dentists today to book a check-up, or to have a custom mouthguard fitted.


Our dental clinic uses and recommends only the best oral health care products. These products are available for purchase from reception, so you can maintain good dental health at home.

Our dental health products include:

  • Neutrafluor 5000 Toothpaste
  • Designer White Bleach
  • Opalescence Go Whitening
  • Tooth Mousse Plus Creme
  • Piksters
  • Pikster Supa Grip Flossers
  • Curascept product range
  • Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrushes

Drop in and stock up on toothpastes, brushes and flossers at any time.

Gum Disease

If you think you have gum disease, please don't be embarrassed.
At different stages of our lives due to stress, pregnancy, medication or simply being a bit slack, our gums can get unhealthy and sometimes bleed.
Our friendly, family dentist and hygenist can help you with your oral health care. Oral health education is one of the most important parts of any dental examination.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and is most commonly associated with poor or infrequent oral hygiene practices. If the teeth and gums are not brushed properly, dental plaque is allowed to build up around the gum-line. This can cause the gums to become very red, swollen and sore. They may even bleed when pressure is applied. Gingivitis is a manageable condition and with the proper daily bushing technique and regular flossing, symptoms usually subside within a week or two.

What is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is the progression of gum disease and has destructive effects on the bone which supports the teeth. Once bone loss has occurred, it is nearly impossible to regrow and the teeth risk becoming mobile and requiring extraction. Other symptoms of advanced gum disease may include recession of the gums around the teeth and the presence of abscesses. In periodontitis, we see large amounts of plaque and calculus forming below the gums, which cannot simply be removed with the toothbrush or floss. Management of periodontitis requires regular active maintenance, such as cleaning below the gums by your dentist or hygienist, and thorough home oral hygiene practices. In some severe cases, referral to a periodontist (gum specialist) may be required.

Periodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss in people over the age of 35. Recent research has linked uncontrolled periodontitis with a range of systemic medical diseases, such as coronary artery disease (heart attack and stroke), diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis and premature or low birth-weight babies.

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